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Dogs are happiest when they are making you happy. Help your dog to keep you happy all the time by training them correctly.

Organised and proper dog obedience training helps ensure that your dog can participate in almost everything you do together. Whether your goal is to have your pet become more sociable, less destructive, more compliant or even participate in dog events and sports, training is key to making your dog more confident and comfortable in every situation. It is also a lot of fun for both people and their dogs in the process as you gradually see the improvement and rewards they bring.

Training to Improve their life quality

Training is equally important for all dogs, regardless of size or breed. While there are times when different training techniques will be needed, the goal for all training is the same: To be sure that your dog is obedient to your commands.

Such training will help keep your dog safe. An obedient dog is not likely to run away from you during a walk, or escape and find himself in harm’s way. An obedient dog is not going to cause trouble with the neighbors by chasing them and barking every time they walk nearby.

Another important goal of training your dog is to keep itself and other people and animals around it safe. A dog that is well trained is not going to bolt across a busy street after another dog or cat. This type of action can have tragic consequences for your pet, even if he never intends to bite what he chases.

  • House & Toilet Training
  • Becoming The Pack Leader
  • Handling Dog Aggression
  • Walking Without Pulling
  • Essential Commands
  • General Obedience

Dogs do not typically use pain or fear to communicate with each other, so the Sirius training approach doesn’t either. Dogs learn through a number of processes: operant conditioning, classical conditioning, inference and imitation. Our training tactics utilize of all of these learning processes in a dog friendly way. At Sirius we use measured and responsible techniques to take advantage of dogs’ full intellectual capabilities.

Jason has the background, empathy and the dedication to ensure that your training requirements are met completely. Our number one goal is to help you to better bond with your dog and we go the extra mile to ensure that both dogs and their owners learn valuable lessons which can be built upon even after the training.

At Sirius we understand that we can not be there all of the time. As well as our 1-2-1 training and group training we also provide a platform for all of our clients and their pets to ask questions and share their pet training experience so that we can grow together as a community.

The best for your pet!

Our dog training focuses on the latest and most innovative techniques in Modern Dog Training. Our programmes focus on training based on the principles of emotionally intelligence and positive reinforcement as well as the most up to date thinking in modern behavioral techniques.

With specialised focus on the study of canine behaviour, behaviour modification and rehabilitation, the science of how dogs learn and group training. Jason has been training dogs his whole life, growing up with dogs and cats of varying breeds.

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  • Modern Training Techniques

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