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Samoyed – Smiling Angel

Samoyed - Personality & Characteristics Due to their pure white hair and angelic smile the Samoyed breed of dog has earned the nickname “Smiling Angel”. These smart, sociable, loyal and intelligent dogs can be mischievous in a fun and playful way. Samoyed dogs personality and characteristics are angelic. Samoyed’s have so much love to give and like lots of love and attention too. The Samo

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Dog Obesity: Is My Dog’s Weight Damaging His Health?

As dog lovers, we want to do everything possible to provide our pups with the best life ever. And sometimes, that means spoiling our dogs with all sorts of treats, chews, and table scraps. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. However, I do believe that moderation is key. I’ve gone to far too many consults where I’ve noticed a dog I’m working with is carrying way more weight than he should be.

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Why Does My Dog Pee On The Bed?

The causes for your dog peeing on the bed, can be broken down into medical and behavioral causes. We run through what you need to know about both. Signs that it may be a medical one include sudden onset of the problem, dribbling urine without your dog realizing, or any problems with urination such as straining or increased frequency. There is more information on the possible medical causes below. BEHAVIORAL Ge

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